Monday, 5 March 2012

Depression Costs More Than Your Life

It's no secret that life is short. We never know how long we have but everyone knows its not long enough. I've had depression for almost 4 years now. Thats a huge time period of time, almost a 6th of my life so far. I started thinking about what this illness has cost me?

My first thought went to where many humans minds wonder too, money. 4 years of medication and perscriptions. Doesnt ever seem that much when you buy antibiotics once a year for a throat infection. But regular perscriptions costs me aroun £120 a year. So thats £480 quid on medication ive spent and I aint finished adding to my tab. That is bloody ridiclious, I can only image how much is costs in America. Anyway thats just money right, doesnt mean that much. Then I started thining about how much effort I put into getting my perscriptions.

Doctors, GPS, Nurses, Psycological Specialists, Theropists, Psychosis Nurses and Pharmasists. . .  I have spent hours, ney days with all these ppl. Doing tests, check ups, meetings blah blah. Yes loads of it has been worth it, im not trying to say its not. . .  im just saying thats all time and energy im not getting back and waiting in skanky waiting rooms is my idea of fun.

I also think being mental can be like being drunk to an extend. I don;t know what im doing and I do a lot of stupid things. On bad trips ive broke things, purchased random things. both online and on angry trips to town. Oh ive also had to buy a lot of sorry presents for people. In fairness I always was good at buying sorry presents.

3 Days in hospital, that was fun. 3 days of lying around being pumped dry not really acheiving anything (except getting my life back).

Almost lost 27K by stuggling through uni. I mean im lucky cos I didn't, I passed with a 2:1 . . . . but it wasnt easy. Got stressed easy, found deadlines hard, concentration was low, I had a few extensions and stuff to help me but I can image a lot more people stuggling more than I did.

I think the point im trying to get accross is that we sacrafise a lot in the effort to get better. Is it worth it? Hell yes! But its just one of those things that makes a hard life harder. Looking back my list is rather pathetic, im sure if other people made a list there would be the loss of jobs, marraiges, loves ones, homes, family etc. Sometimes I dont think its fair what we are given to deal with. None the less we deal with it. And you know what I have respect for every single sufferer who has had to sacrafice things to get better. It is a sign of will power and strength.


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  2. I completely agree with you, it is a hard life but it is worth all the sacrifice and struggle to get better. I had a hard time dealing with my depression when I was first diagnosed. By reaching out to my friends and family and by getting help from I wish you all the best of luck. Keep on fighting!

  3. You're lucky you're getting help. :') I wish I had the means to get professional help right now but I don't. :(

    I came across your blog while looking for other bloggers like me. Here's my 4-hour-old blog if you want to check it out.

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  6. I was diagnosed with psychotic depression when I was 22, it's no fun but I'm lucky to have free prescriptions here in the UK, it must be really tough for you.
    It mite help to know that I'm now completely off medication even though this time last year I was in hospital believing I was possessed by the devil! So even when things feel really shit, just try and see a way out x

  7. Life is short and we need to live life with full of spirit. Depression is something that occur due to our negative thoughts. We need to be more positive.

  8. I like how you started the article.Indeed life is too short not to enjoy it. This is a must we should do each day, we got up from the bed, next to our kids, wifes, parents etc..But, we are not all the time so grateful for what we have, and for the only moments when happines is between us. Is that depression, or is misery, or dissatisfied for ... what for, at the end..we never look behind us, and we always look forward us, and see the richest people, or the neighbor who has more then us..but we never see the people who don;t have even a shelter, or something to eat.

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  13. Hi, my name is Jordan, and I love your blog!
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  14. Thanks for sharing yourself.

    I work with a lot of people who are depressed. I have seen them in the hospital, even taken them there. But until reading your comment, never thought of the price.

    Now, working outside the system as a holistic nurse, I am having even greater success working with people than I ever saw in the hospital.

    Don't know if this will benefit you or not but check out the Water Cures Protocol as a natural depression treatment.

    It is using unprocessed sea salt dissolved in the mouth and then drink a glass of water. The doctor who created it felt that depression is really a symptom of chronic unintentional dehydration.

    If you should ever need it, hope it helps.

  15. One of the best therapy is to do exercise and this is what I did every time when I’m depressed. It will helps you a lot not only for Depression.

  16. Your blog is very interesting to me.
    I am younger than you and suffer with depression also, and it is comforting to know that there are people out there that share some of the same problems.

    Please have a look at my blog, I blog anomalously about my copings with depression etc.

    Good luck, and never give up. Thankyou x